Zeytin – Turkish Restaurant

Zeytin simply put the best Turkish Fusion eatery in Karachi, review done….

The is one of the best restaurants we visited recently. We will have the video review posted on our youtube channel shortly. In all honesty this is great food. I do believe they have given it a desi touch but the food is just amazing. The cost is a bit on the higher side and one negative and possibly the only negative is that they dont take credit cards. Make sure you have sufficient cash before visiting this place. So now to start with what we ordered. We started of with the Turkish Pide and if have you been to Turkey you know what this is, for those that havent, its basically a tandoor bread with cheese. This was followed by beef doner and a small platter. We also had a large bottle of water to go with this feast. The whole thing costed us roughly 4038. So roughly 1500 per person. There were a bit of rice left over but other than that it was very filling.

Cheese Pide

This was just very tasty. Its fresh out of the oven bread similar to our local “naans” with cheese in the middle. The cheese just tastes very tasty with this. There are options of toppings but we opted for this to get the flavor or cheese and the bread. Some may also call this Turkish pizza but its defiantly worth a try.

Beef Doner (Shawarma)

Tender small melt in your mouth pieces of beef donner with side of fries over thin “roti” like bread under. This was pretty much devoured. However out of the the 3 dishes we ordered this I think was the least tasteful. Not to take anything away from this, it was defiantly cooked to perfection, but when compared to other dishes this was only so so in my opnion.

Small Platter

This was no drought the star of the day. And I guess this was closest to the taste of Turkey as I recall it. This was streaming hot, served on a wooden plate and consisted of Mutton Adana Kabab, Chicken Adana Kabab, Shish Taouk, Mutton Turkish Tikka, Grill Wings, Grill Salad and Pickles and 2 breads and rice. Now this does sound alot but this was 1 skewer each. This along with the Turkish pide and the beef doner was enough for 3 hungry guys. The wings were tasty and the kababs were simply to die for. The rice were pretty much plain and close to our Afghani pallow. These were served with 3 kinds of chatni, was was sour and spicy, a raita and tomato spicy chatni. Everything tasted excellent was served very fast and was very fresh. Its defiantly a must try if you are in Karachi and love BBQ and just want to taste something different. This is the best Turkish food in my opinion you can try in in Pakistan.


Video Review

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