Zakir Tikka’s Barbecue’s Review

Zakir Tikka’s Barbecue’s Review

If you’re a Pakistani – especially if you’re a Lahori, your tastebuds do not crave for anything else more than perfectly grilled and mildly spicy barbecue.

Call it chicken tikka, leg piece roast, or seekh kebabs, we know what we order the most when we go to a local restaurant famous for desi food.

In case you’ve been going to many such places in Lahore, you must be aware of the name, and the taste that is associated with the name of, Zakir Tikka.

Their main branch is in DHA, but I’ve been frequenting different branches in my area (Johar Town), and I must say that on a particular day when I think of dining out and barbecue is what comes to my mind, I cannot not dismiss this restaurant’s name.

Zakir Tikka

Zakir Tikka is on Food Panda too. So, in case you live somewhere, that is far from their DHA’s main join as well as those that are in my area, you can order their food from Food Panda.

I’ve been trying different things at their Johar Town restaurant. I loved their chicken sajji, because unlike many other sajjis I’ve tried in Lahore, the rice used to have all the richness that this basically Baloch dish used to have (dry fruits and stuff), and the chicken roast didn’t taste like as if they stole it from a degĀ of biryani.

It’s too bad they don’t offer that sajji anymore.


This is a review of different barbecue items that my family and I have been trying at that place. I tried their seekh kebabs, chicken tikka boti, malai boti and leg piece, etc.

In terms of quality, this restaurant is so spot on. While they marinate their chicken to the level of perfection and their barbecue is spicy too, it is not too spicy as you would notice in case of certain restaurants that overdo the “Pakistani” think to please their desi customers.

And that malai botis and seekh kebabs were one of the softest and juiciest ones. There was a time when Gourmet used to be my first choice because of their super soft and juicy seekh kebabs, and although the quality is more or less the same, but not as good as it used to be.

Now I prefer joints like Zakir Tikka for mild-spicy, juicy, and soft seekh kebabs and malai boti.
If malai-boti is not soft and juicy enough, it is just like simple tikka boti and cooks at Zakir Tikka seem to be aware of this very well.

In terms of taste as well as aroma, I’d give them 10/10.

However, when we talk about quality, we have to consider the overall environment, ambiance, and customer service too. In terms of these factors, Zakir Tikka has actually sort of declined a bit. It used to be more family-friendly, it used to be a well-lighted place, and the waiters used to be quicker and smarter.

They are still trying to rise from just another tikka restaurant to one where families can enjoy things other than food too.


Quantity is sort of linked with pricing/affordability. It is hard to define quantity when you talk about barbecue.

However, I can say that while they charge lower than many other desi restaurants, their seekh kebabs are thicker and bigger than many, there are more boties in a tikka platter and the size of them is also satisfactory.


When you compare pricing to the quantity you get, you’d say that even though this place is famous, they’re not charging as much as some other similar places do.

For example, a platter of 6 seekh kebabs costs PKR 700, a chicken piece costs PKR 220 and 12 pieces malai boti only costs PKR 800.

Compare this to the rates of other restaurants – for example, Gourmet. It is known for being affordable, but its chicken seekh kebab is slightly more expensive than that of Zakir Tikka.

I highly recommend Zakir Tikka for those who want to try Lahori type of barbecue at affordable rates.

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