Ahhh, now this is a hit and miss place. I fell in love with rice gyros with pita and hot sauce in the states during college life.  First and for most my love started at the Greece trucks, nearby Rutgers University.

After eating for a couple of years a sit-down restaurant opened up by the name of Douglas Pizza and it also made killer gyros but all the gyros and shawarma as we call it were pita-based. Then we heard of this small little cart that would open at 3 am and close at 6 am if I remember correctly in NY city across from the Hilton hotel.

The first time I was very skeptical as the timing was really bad but eventually caved in with peer pressure and decided to hit the joint. The first visit I had to stand in line for 30 mins just to get my turn, it wasn’t that the cooks were slow or anything it was just in high demand.

By the time we reached for the order they were already out of the chicken so took the beef rice gyro and that yummy delicious sauce is something that still tantalizes my taste buds till today.

After moving back to Pakistan, that is one of the tastes that I still miss too date. To my delight, I heard Halal guys opened up in Karachi so I decided to visit. Now I know you are here for the review of Walla! but I think history is a must to understand why my standard of review is very high on this.

So the first time we tried halal guys they had put a desi twist on it with tikka flavors and the taste was just banging and maybe even close to 85% of what I was used to eating in the US.

So after a couple of months, we decided to go to halal guys again only to find out that it was closed. A friend told us to visit Walla! as it was only like 10 mins drive from Khadda Market where halal guys used to be.

Walla! – To the rescue:

First, let’s start with the ambiance. It had a modern look. Was neat and clean, well maintained with the proper marking for sitting at a distance as they were trying their level best to follow SOPs.

Walla | High Life - MAG THE WEEKLYThe place is very small and can hardly fill a couple of people before going full. Well decorated and clean and modern look.

Service and Taste:

Service was fast they took the order, I guess at that time we were the only people in the restaurant so can’t really say how they operate under more load. The food was fresh and served very quickly.

I do think that the sauce quantity was a bit less when requested they gave us 1 cup free sauce and we were 5 people so we requested another one and they asked for charges which we were happy to pay. I do however think that more sauce was required per the shawarma rice platters.

WallaWhile the food was fresh and tasted good, however unlike Halal Guys and the original NY Halal Guys there was no pita included. We did opt for tikka rice which was spicier and gave more of a desi touch. The other option was butter rice which I am not a big fan of.

The meat was very juicy and I opted to mix chicken and beef to get the best of both worlds, which is highly recommended. All 5 of us liked the platters however it was not exactly what we had tasted before so I would say this is the next best thing.


To be honest it was worth the price. The quantity was decent yes the sauce was a bit less. But it tasted good and was very fresh. The price point is also decent and is defiantly worth a visit if you are craving for old memories. Its a must-try at least once if you are in Karachi and craving desi-type shawarma.

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