Son of a Bun – Howdy’s Flagship Burger Review

There is no doubt that the word “burgers” whenever uttered immediately makes us think of a big city in Pakistan, but when it comes to the biggest number of burgers grilled in a day, Lahore is at least number two (after Karachi) if not number one.

Being a desi man I’ve tried all types of these burgers – from “mujhay anday wala burger” to Fat Burger (double) that I tried the very day this American fast-food chain opened its first restaurant in Lahore. And I wasn’t alone there; there was a long queue of burger-crazy Lahori guys and gals.

So yeah. I tried Howdy’s Son of a Bun too. I tried it on the insistence of a friend and I tried it many times. This is a review of Howdy’s flagship beef burger.

Howdy’s Son of a Bun – Love at Second Sight

Son of a Bun - Howdy

¬†Picture Taken From Howdy’s Facebook Page

Or love it the second time I tried it. We need a little perspective here, so indulge me.

The year was 2014 when I tried this burger for the first time. It was highly recommended by a friend. I  went to their (maybe oldest branch) near Shaukat Khanum Hospital and I ordered this double steak beef burger.

Frankly, I loved the aroma and taste of the beef patties inside it. They were juicy – not like dripping with sensual innuendo like Fat Burger’s patties would do – but definitely juicier than Hardee’s patties.

However, I did not like the bun – that son of a gun wouldn’t remain intact, and in terms of taste, texture, and other details it was very similar to the bun of a chicken burger that you’d buy from a kiosk in Lahore. So I sort of dismissed Howdy until back in 2018 we tried the same burger in Ramzan.

Son of a Bun burger

Picture Taken From Howdy’s Facebook Page

Taste and Texture:

This time, not only the patties tasted the same as they did the first time I tried this burger, but the bun’s quality had also improved by leaps and bounds.

The bun was soft, it was fresh, and it could easily be compared with the quality of the buns of the international burger chains in Pakistan, such as Hardees, McDonald’s, and KFC, etc.

If I’m not wrong, there was an addition to the texture and taste of the bun – black sesame seeds sort of improved the overall look, feel and taste of it. I’ve talked enough about the patties already.


A burger is not a handi – definitely one burger, even if it is a double patty one, is for one person. So, in terms of quantity suffice it to say that it can be your lunch or your dinner and you won’t have to eat anything after it. You mean even save some (since there are fries too) for later use.


At the time of writing this post, this burger costs PKR 879, which is slightly more expensive than Fat Burger’s Double that costs PKR 770 and Hardee’s Super Star with Cheese (double steak) that costs PKR 790.

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