Rocket Sandwich, Spicy Chicken Wrap and the Hunter Beef Sandwich – Sam’s Sandwich And More

As my first review, I gave Sam’s sandwiches and more a try. Its a healthy home-based delivery cold sandwiches and wraps startup. Its a new place offering healthy alternate food options. I will be using images provided by Sam’s directly as I am not much of a picture person.

I placed an order for 3 items namely Rocket sandwich, Spicy chicken wrap, and the hunter beef sandwich. The order was placed in the morning for delivery by 1.30 pm, the rider was there at 1.45 pm so it’s a good job on delivery as I do not believe 10 to 15 mins difference is that big of an issue especially in made to order fresh cold sandwiches.

This is one that did not strike my taste-buds. It was very fresh, from the rocket leaves to the beetroot. Me not being a fan of tomatoes requested all 3 to be made without them. You could taste a hint of Parmesan. I for one did not really like this sandwich that much however the chicken on its own was pretty good and the sandwich wasn’t bad.

The spicy chicken wrap was something of heaven. Loved this so much that ordered it again a few weeks later. It was made of spicy minced chicken with fresh crunchy veggies with Greek yogurt all wrapped in a whole wheat wrap (chapati). I suggest to defiantly give this a go as its one of the best wrap I have had in a long time.

The last one I tried was the hunter-beef sandwich. I am a big fan of hunter-beef and if done right it is hard to beat in taste. With that said this sandwich didn’t disappoint at least me. The wife found it decent. Again the veggies were very fresh. The cucumber gave it the crunch and the mustard brought alive the taste of the shredded hunter beef.


Unfortunately these guys shut down in, sad to see but the review will stay up for people read what they missed out on.


Overall Rating

Taste 4 Stars


Service 4.5 Stars


Price 4 Stars



The total bill was of 1250 which included delivery charges, Sams is a home-based business and works only in Karachi area. I do recommend at least trying the spicy wrap as its very good. The order can be placed online via facebook.

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