Ranchers Café Islamabad Crown Pizza Review

Say whatever you want, but this word “burgers” has been associated with the humans of Islamabad at a whole different level – so much so that not only they no longer deny this, but they sort of enjoy this now. On and off I got chances to try burgers from my favorite restaurants in Islamabad. I have to say, while there wasn’t anything that could make them any different (in a good way), in terms of taste, presentation, overall ambiance of the restaurant, and the quality of food, those joints are no less than other such joins in Lahore and Karachi.

A Review of Crown Pizza from Ranchers

However, just recently, I happened to try pizza from a famous fast-food restaurant in Islamabad: Ranchers. Ranchers’ reputation precedes it, and even though this fast-food brand has no branch here in Lahore, we have already heard a lot about its crown pizza before our most recent visit to Islamabad.

This is a review of the crown pizza from Ranchers, the famous fast-food restaurant located in Sector I8, Islamabad. Just like all other reviews, this one will also discuss everything related to quality/taste of food, the overall experience of Ranchers, quantity of the food (pizza in this case) and the price, etc.


In terms of taste and aroma and texture and everything, it looked so much like Almaida’s Shahi Pizza. The topping was that of chicken tikka, but again comparing this one to Almaida’s pizza, I must say that the chicken was very thinly spread on the crust, which basically leaves no justification for the pricing. All in all, they should’ve charged a maximum of PKR 900/- for the pizza. I will discuss that later in the relevant section.

Other than the visually appealing crown shape of the pizza, the crust was soft, the topping was definitely just as cheesy and tasty as you expect from an indigenous pizza joint. The aroma made all that simply irresistible and I must say that unlike a few pizza joints in Lahore, they knew where to stop thinking like Pakistanis and start thinking like the pizza connoisseurs of Italy. That is, neither meat nor any other ingredients of the topping made it unnecessarily spicy.

I would say in terms of shape and texture and aroma and taste, it was definitely a 9/10. It could be a 10/10 if the chicken topping wasn’t so thinly spread.


So, my wife and I love pizza, but we never overeat anything. Suffice it to say that a medium-sized pizza is what we consider enough for the two of us and at times we have to get wrapped the leftovers for later use. This pizza, medium-size serving, even though it was too tasty, was a little too much for both of us. Even though the crust was reasonably thin and very soft and tender, we couldn’t eat all of that at once. So, it was definitely on par with all the good pizzas that we ever ate. I would give it a 10/10 in terms of quantity too.


In terms of price, I must say that Ranchers’ crown pizza is definitely costly. Since I compared its taste and cosmetic appearance to that of Almaida’s pizza, it makes sense to compare the prices too. Almaida’s specialty: Shahi Pizza costs you around PKR 700/- when you order the regular size (medium one). However, Ranchers’ pizza, even though in terms of the quantity of chicken topping it cannot be compared with Almaida’s pizza, costs PKR 1000/-. With all the ambiance and wild west experience that you enjoy over there, you cannot justify this price.

But do I recommend this pizza? Obviously, I do. Dining out is not all about the quality of food; it’s a complete package. Other than its slightly expensive price tag and the quantity of chicken topping, this pizza is worth your honest trial. Try it and let us know how you liked it.

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