Pizza Munch

Pizza Munch

Yeah I know I have been eating too many pizzas lately. I was really hungry a couple of days ago and due to a busy schedule wasn’t able to have lunch. While passing by on university road I saw Pizza Munch. A small place between Gulshan-e-Jauhar blocks 1 & 3, hidden under a bridge opposite the shell petrol pump.

Since I was hungry I simply pulled my car and ordered a pizza not expecting much and only thinking of subsiding our hunger we ordered Muncy Sicilian Pizza large (they didn’t mention the size but I think its 14 inches). To my surprise, they served it to us piping hot and fresh.

The cost was even a bigger shocker PKR 499 for this pizza. Both of us were very surprised when we saw the pizza being served to us. It was enough for 2 people maybe even 3. I liked it so much that had to order it again 5 days later and this time gave delivery a go.

We were committed for 45 to 50 minutes but the pizza came in almost 1 hour 5 to 10 minutes. It was again fresh and warm so this is something not that big of an issue.

Munchy Pizza:

This was the one we had last week also so ordered this pizza in a wanted deal which has 2 large pizza and a 1 ltr. drink for PKR949. The cheese is up to par with other good pizza places. It didn’t taste like some local cheese. The chicken was well cooked and spicy (I expected this after trying this last time). The spice on this was closer to desi taste, and if you don’t like that it is recommended to order the Chicken Fajita. But other than that I loved this pizza.

Chicken Fajita:

Since there were 2 pizzas in the deal I opted for this to try different tastes. This was as nice and as fresh as the Munchy pizza and tasted similar to what we would find in pizza hut or pizza point taste-wise. The selling point I believe for this place is the price to taste. I mean there is no way to compete with this kind of price with the pizzas anywhere in Karachi.

Plus Points:

  1. Price
  2. Taste

Negative Points:

  1. Late delivery about 10 to 15 minutes
  2. Soda wasn’t really cold


If you are looking for something cheap and worth every penny then give this place a go. The cold drink was warm when I got it so that an I down point on delivery and the fact that it was made around 20 minutes late.

Other than these 2 negatives I think this is a great place to visit and should have been included in the best pizzas in Karachi post. Considering that its not a branded pizza shop in Karachi. This is worth every rupee you spend, even the negative points are negligible.

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