Options – An Exotic Restaurant & Cafe’s Review

Whether you were born in Lahore or your family migrated to this beautiful city, you cannot avoid being a food-addicted maniac. This might take a year or two, but you’d not be able to stand it for too long.

There was a time when dining out in Lahore meant to be somewhere in the old or semi-old Lahore (Lakshami or Anarkali for example), but now there are certain pockets everywhere so you can enjoy typical Lahori food in your area too.

My area is lucky to have famous restaurants like Fazl-e-Haq Dera, Dera Restaurant, Gourmet, Nadeem’s, and then Options. I’ve been to Options with my family on two or three occasions.

This is a review of the food, overall ambiance, and affordability, etc.

Options – An Exotic Restaurant

So, we’ve been to Options two to three times. We’ve tried their desi food as well as their pizzas. This is why this is not a review of a particular item on their menu, but of more than one item, overall ambiance, our experience, and pricing, etc.

Overall, I’d say that we enjoyed dining at Options and this is was the reason why we visited them again and again.


The pizzas that we ordered were exotic supreme and chicken tikka. I’d say that in terms of size/quantity of those pizzas, they were abundant. They weren’t as big as in the case of Almaida, but you gotta give it to them considering how many other restaurants’ large pizzas are actually more like medium ones.

The crest was actually too soft and fresh – maybe a little too soft and fresh when compared with other pizza joints’ pizzas. However, you cannot say that this a negative point. I prefer softness with a little crunchy/brownish on the outside.

Likewise, in terms of quantity, their desi food was also not as much as you’d notice in case of some more desi joints like Zakir Tikka, but it couldn’t be declared insufficient. We ordered their chicken handi and that was enough for 2 to 3 people.


Now that I’ve talked about quantity, let us talk about the quality too. We will first talk about the chicken tikka and exotic pizzas that we ordered on our first visit to Options.

The pizzas were fine – I’d say if I have to treat a foreigner friend to the most continental iteration of “Pakistani pizza”, I’d take him to Options – if not to Pizza Hut. However, being a Lahori, I’d say that all that that pizza did was not offend my Lahori taste buds.

Did those pizzas please my taste buds? I’d say,  to a certain extent, yes. But those pizzas were not tasty enough for a Lahori foodie. The aroma, the topping, the presentation, and by the look and feel of them (think cheese), they were awesome.

As far as their desi food is concerned, we ordered their chicken handi and that was tasty. Since that was a local delicacy, they cooked and served it the way local restaurants do. It was spicy, the ginger and green chilly garnishing were perfect and it was perfect in terms of taste as well as the aroma.

There are a few other things to mention in terms of quality – things that aren’t concerned with either taste or aroma or presentation etc. It’s about the overall ambiance. The interior decoration of that restaurant sort of puts you at ease and lets you relax. Lighting exudes thoughtfulness and there is a big aquarium too that keeps kids busy.


In terms of pricing, I’d say Options is leaning more to the expensive side. It is not too expensive (for example like Bundu Khan), but it is definitely more expensive than most of the local pizza joints and desi restaurants I’ve been frequenting.

For example, their large size pizza costs roughly PKR 1100, while the same-size pizza from Almaida will cost you roughly PKR 900.

Likewise, their chicken handi costs you roughly 900, while the same quantity of chicken handi from a restaurant like Credos will cost you roughly PKR 800. These are prices for half-kg boneless handi.

I’d definitely recommend Options to those who aren’t bent on the exact same Pakistani-style pizza that you can get anywhere in Lahore and those who want to try some tasty and spicy desi food in a family-friendly environment.

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