White Shenwari Karhai – Mubarak Foods Homemade Food Brand

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With the passage of time, people have grown weary of restaurants and food chains that provide extremely unhygienic food at very high rates. There was always a need for hygienic food that not only causes no harm to one’s health but is reminiscent of the taste, aroma, and overall look and feel to homemade food.

Mubarak Foods from Lahore – A Homemade Food Brand

This is a review of the food that I ordered from Mubarak Foods. The review is based on 4-fold criteria.

Taste and Aroma:

Two family members and I tried a White Shenwari Karahi.

The taste was more like a white (because of cream) achari karahi. I opted for the spicy version so maybe other versions will not taste the same. From presentation (coriander and ginger garnishing) to taste and aroma, this was a 10/10.


It was made at home definitely, so it was hygienic. The packaging also seemed new and there wasn’t a speck of dust on it.


So, we ordered half kg of chicken karahi – that cost us PKR 750/- only. If you order one kg, the cost for that (for now) is PKR 1500/-. Considering the taste and hygiene, I’d say they still charge less than some famous restaurants with a deplorable situation of cleanliness.


As I said, the quantity was half kg. Here, by quantity, I mean whether it was enough for a small family or not. Three of us had it at dinner and then two of us had it at the lunch the next day so it is enough for a family of 4 – 5 people.

In conclusion, if you are in the mood of some delicious shenwari Karhai and don’t want to compromise on hygiene then this is the place to order from. Simply contact them via their Facebook page and order away. Please take note this is not a sponsored post and we did actually try this and wrote an honest review.

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