Shiitake High Burger – Moo’s And Clucks

Moo’s and Clucks in one of my favorite burger joints. It’s one of the better restaurants that has maintained its taste over time. A recent visit I ordered the Shiitake High burger. It’s one of a kind burger with mushrooms a thing beef Pattie. To make this into a meal you can pay PKR 100 extra and get fries and drink.

The picture was taken from the restaurant’s website.

Honestly, this is one of the better-priced burgers. Not only does it taste good but you will fill yourself with a complete mean in between PKR 400 to PKR 600. This is a must-go eatery whenever you have a burger craving.

The one and the only complaint I have is that the seating is a bit outdated. And the Air-conditioning is usually faulty. Also, the parking is usually an issue but that’s pretty much the case all over Karachi right now.


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