Homemade BBQ Grilled Beef Burgers

Who doesn’t like grilling? I personally love grilling with friends and around Eid this is at peak. This is the time of the year when people in Pakistan love to BBQ Kababs and boties non-stop. I personally like to make the kababs at home and love them. But this time we opted for something different burgers the American way….. well sort off.

BBQ Grilled Beef Burgers

I wanted to give it a bit of Pakistani touch as I love spices. I will layout the recipe and the method here for the 2 sauces and how to make patties. Unlike the traditional method of telling you how to grill your burgers, I would recommend you change the quantities as per your requirements.

The reason I say this is because each person has different tastes, some like it medium rare some like it well-done so its really dependent on your taste pallet of what you should or should not do.

TheĀ Sauce:

Mushroom Sauce

When you make desi burgers the meat is usually marinated beforehand with lots of spices and herbs hence raita or chatni does the trick. But since I am looking to make cafe style burgers with a little kick to them, then these sauces are everything. They need to be simple yet pack flavor.

Mushroom Sauce:

I have made this sauce before and the trick is to keep it on low heat and let it become thick. I used canned mushroom since the liquid packs a lot of taste in it.


1. Canned mushrooms (you will need a couple of them thinly sliced)
2. Cream
3. Milk
4. Pink salt
5. Creme

I was making around 8 large burger patties and 6 slider patties, so depending on how much sauce you like you can use 1 cup of milk and put it on low heat, add 1 tablespoon of pink salt and 2 tablespoons of grounded black pepper along with half a packet of cream I used the 250ml cream packet.

And let it cook on coals for 5 mins, on low heat on an iron skillet. Thereafter I added 3 to 4 tbs spoon of the water from the canned mushrooms. Later I added the mushrooms chopped. I used whole canned mushrooms and chopped them myself. You just need to cook and stir it until it becomes thick to your liking. Taste the sauce and season further if required or add more milk and cream as per your liking.

Grilled Beef Burger Patties:

I recommend marinating the beef during the day so that you have the entire day for resting it but a couple of hours should do the trick also. I actually have a grinder at home so I took about 2kg of clean beef with a bit of fat(if you want the burgers to be juicy leave more fat in the meat).


1. 2kg beef with fat
2. Black peppercorns
3. Salt
3. Green pepper
4. Redpepper
5. Garlic
6. Cheese slices or cheese cubes (I don’t like much chess on my burgers so didn’t opt for this)

The trick here is to roast the black peppercorn as a whole for a couple of minutes then crush it. Mix this with salt and mince it with the beef along with green chili 1 large or 2 small, red chili and garlic. If you like melted cheese just melt it in a pan and after grilling the patties place them on the buns and pour the melted cheese. I also added salad leave and cucumbers to give some crunch to the burgers.

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