Hello world!

Hello world!

I figured this will be the best title for this blog. The plan forward is simple we want people to host their videos reviews, post recipes and pretty much do whatever they like. As the blog grows we will decide on new features and how to carry this forward. For now WE NEED YOU. To help us write reviews of what you had from home based dinner to dinning out. We hope to eventually get restaurants to see their ratings and improve their services through honest actual clientele reviews.

With that said I will kick of the first review so people start understanding of what we would want here. A video or written review is possible also you can email us at admin@foodiclub.com if you havent blogged before and we can help you setup an account. Just one thing to note here is that we will not accept you to post any review that are fishy or paid. And will also do background checks to make sure you are who you say you are. So at minimum we will require an email address your full name.

Write On……

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