Johnny & Jugnu’s Chicken Fillet Burger’s Review

If you live in Johar Town, Lahore, or any other town near Johar Town, you should know that in terms of food you have a lot of options. And I can name all the restaurants and places where you can go, but that’s a waste of time and energy.

All you need to know is that both branches of Gourmet restaurant are within the radius of a mile or two, then you can go to Township and enjoy a wide array of desi food or you can stay on the main boulevard or Nazria-e-Pakistan avenue to go to one or another fast food restaurant including KFC, Howdy, Hardees, McDonald’s and Burger King, etc.

Then there is the Emporium mall food court. So, yeah, Johnny and Jugnu is also in the same vicinity and on a fateful day, we tried their Chicken fillet burgers.

Johnny & Jugnu and their Burger Joint

Chicken Fillet BurgerPicture taken from Johnny And Jugnu’s Facebook Page

So when we reached their Johar Town branch (perhaps the only branch they own), there were a lot of people waiting for their food to be served, vibes were good, place looked too much like the original McDonald’s from “The Founder” and we loved those little buzzers they gave us (they buzz when your food is ready).

The Bad

You might be wondering, where’s the good? Well, as shocking as it may sound, those buzzers, that neat and clean place, and their well-mannered staff was the only good I can recall.

And yes, in terms of quantity (thickness and the size of the patty), it was better than Daily Deli’s fillet.
When we received our burgers we noticed that they were dripping with this or that sauce (just like Fat Burger’s burgers) and the cold drinks weren’t really cold.

The Ugly

While placing the order, I was asked whether I wanted that to be spicy or normal and I opted for normal because I wasn’t out there for Karachi biryani.

Even though the instructions were clear, they made that spicy – actually spicy is not enough to define what it was. I felt like I took a bite of hot lava and if it wasn’t for the not-so-cold-drink, it could be a medical emergency.

In terms of taste and aroma, it was a 3/10 and 3 only because of the aroma.


Yes, the burger was affordable.

So add affordability points to the “Good”, because they charge only PKR 290 for a considerably thick fillet while Daily Deli charges PKR 330 for the same and their patty is a little thinner than J&J one.

Both of us (my wife and I) ordered the same burger and even though she loves spicy food, she also didn’t like her burger. My suggestion to Johnny & Jugnu is to make their food just as pleasant as the whole experience.

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