Dera Restaurant’s Review (Faisal Town, Lahore)

Let us suppose that one of your close friends just recently recommended you “Dera” for mouthwatering desi food and you go to Google or Google map to search this word “dera”, you’d be baffled by the number of search results.

I can easily see 16 restaurants with this name and I bet that there are many of those who aren’t even visible on Google’s radar.

And all of them are not the branches of Fazl-e-Haq Dera. There is Mian Da Dera, Dera Malik and then there is Dera Restaurant. This review is for Dera Restaurant that is situated in Faisal Town – opposite to the famous Gourmet Restaurant.

A Review of Dera Restaurant – Dinner and Sehri

Dera Restaurant

And both of these instances are not from the same day. Back in 2016, we (5 members of my family) went to Dera Restaurant for dinner. As the name suggests, this restaurant is only suitable for those who are on a lookout for desi food with its true taste and aroma. From barbeque to handi to karahi to lassi – whatever you crave for a dinner full of desi food, you can have it at Dera Restaurant.

Our hosts ordered a mix of all that – chicken handi, mutton karahi, barbeque and lassi etc. And the second time we visited Dera Restaurant was back in 2018 Ramzan.

We went there for Sehri and their Sehri menu was more or less the same as you find at every desi food restaurant: Lahori murgh chanay, naan, halwa-poori, puratha, omelette, lassi and tea etc.
This is a review based on those two visits to the Dera Restaurant.


In terms of quantity, the food that our hosts paid for and sehri that we paid for, was bountiful. But then when you go to dine out desi food, quantity is always proportionate to the price that you pay.

It is important to mention here that in both situations, we had plenty of food that was left and that we had to get packed for later use. Their handi and karahi servings (per person) are actually more than enough. Likewise, at sehri we had enough of chanay and halwa and omelet that no one actually finished off their meal.

Dera Restaurant Kebabs



As it has been said before, the taste is a thing of the essence when it comes to desi restaurants. As far as the dinner (handi, karahi and barbeque) is concerned, I have to say that the taste was just as expected.

I won’t say that it was unparalleled because in Lahore it is hard for a desi food restaurant to wear that crown, but it can be said that in terms of taste, aroma and everything between them, that food was equivalent to the kind of food you’d enjoy at Gourmet, food street, Lakshami or any restaurant famous for desi food.

However, chanay didn’t seem to be their speciality and I wasn’t surprised by that. See, you may find Lahori chanay everywhere in Lahore, but only a few outlets – rather brands – are known for the unmatchable taste of this Lahori “delicacy”.


In terms of pricing, Dera Restaurant is leaning more towards expensive desi food joints in Lahore. The prices back then were different and I cannot recall them, and the prices now might be subject to the economic situation arising out of this pandemic, but the rates were definitely higher than Gourmet’s rates.

Overall, our experience with Dera Restaurant (Faisal Town) was very good. Other than food and pricing, the overall ambiance exuded the time, money, and efforts they dedicated to give a more desi look and feel to that restaurant.
I recommend my readers to try it at least once – only if you love desi food (who doesn’t?).

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