Chicken Tandoori Sajji – Tandoori Sajji’s Chicken Sajji Review

Tandoori Sajji

Between biryani and pulao, I’d pick a proper chicken sajji.

I’m a man, so at home, if I’m allowed to pick between biryani (with chargrilled chicken) and beef pulao, I always pick pulao, even though my family loves biryani.

But had I have the choice to pick between chicken Sanji and pulao, I’d have wifey cook sajji 2 out of 3 times.

However, this dish (sajji) is not a native Punjabi cuisine. We borrowed it from Baloch people and then customized it to please local taste buds.

I’ve been trying sajji from local vendors; for example, Zakir Tikka’s chicken sajji was good; it’s too bad this restaurant is not offering this cuisine anymore. This is a review of chicken sajji and rice that I ordered from “Tandoori Sajji” – a restaurant in Johar Town Lahore.

Chicken Tandoori Sajji from Tandoori Sajji – Nothing is Perfect

And I don’t mean to say that I didn’t enjoy their chicken tandoori sajji platter (rice and roast), but what most local restaurants tend to ignore is that just like Kabli pulao, this is not a local dish.

You cannot serveĀ masala rice with chicken roast and call it sajji.

Chicken Tandoori Sajji

Picture taken from Tandoori Sajji Facebook Page

Taste and Aroma:

While the roast was not only spicy and tasty, but it was in abundance too, the problem was with rice. The overall look and feel and aroma and taste of those rice were closer to masala rice and far from the sweet and sour taste of a sajji’s rice.

Other than ingredients like vinegar, black pepper, chili powder, ajwain, cumin seeds, and coriander seeds, etc., there are ingredients like raisin and others that add a mild sweetness to the taste and aroma of the rice – and they were completely missing.

In terms of taste 9/10 for roast and 6/10 for rice.


This platter is for a single person, but if you’re a meek 5’6″ you can easily share this with your wife without any of you having to eat anything else for the dinner.


The platter that I ordered, was their cheapest one. It was a single sajji+rice platter that cost PKR 520.

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