Cafe de Hunza Walnut Cake Review

All of us have a bucket list … y’know, the list of the items that you would like to mark off your list before you die. And that list just keeps getting bigger. However, a few items are always a certainty and always within your reach. This is why when I planned to have a tour de Hunza, I knew that sweet and salty walnut cake of Cafe de Hunza wasn’t so far from my tastebuds.

Walnut Cake of Cafe de Hunza

In case you’ve been interested in the unique and surprisingly amazing culture, cuisine, and terrain of Gilgit Baltistan – have any friends who have been frequenting different cities of this territory or following such activities on social media, you must have heard of the famous Cafe de Hunza and its Walnut cake.

And I definitely wanted to sip a hot beverage of my choice when I reached Cafe de Hunza, try that Walnut cake that pretty famous among local and foreign tourists and judge it by myself.

Now, before I go on and complete this review, I’d like to inform you that I’ve heard all kinds of opinions when it comes to this cafe and its famous cake. There are people who do not like the taste of this cake and who think that all the buzz about this cake is more farce and less fact.

However, I wanted to try it and establish my own opinion. And this review is my honest opinion of this cake.

Quantity & Pricing

So, no one goes to Cafe de Hunza and orders a walnut cake. Confusing? Okay, let me make it easier for you. Cafe de Hunza’s pricing is more focused on individuals. Besides, if you go and order a whole walnut cake (family or friends, etc.), you’d have to pay PKR 2000/- for that. And I don’t know about you, but up there in the mountain, food is not what I lavishly spend my money on.

So, in short, I thanked the management that allows you to buy a slice of walnut cake for a measly PKR 250/- only. This is post-Covid pricing as far as I understand because, for a long time, they charged only PKR 1500/- for the whole cake and 200 for one slice.

I would say that in terms of pricing, this cake cannot be considered expensive; here in Lahore, there are some outlets that sell you the same size cake for more or less the same price. However, we cannot consider this affordable or cheap either.

We also must consider the ingredients used in making Cafe de Hunza’s famous walnut cake. Inside the dry and almost crunchy cake, there is the filling that this cake is known for: walnuts dipped in organic Hunza honey and the syrup of flowers that can only be found in the mountain ranges that encapsulate this region.

As far as quantity is concerned, 250 PKR slice is considered a single serving and I can say this without any doubt that because of the thick and rick combination of walnuts and honey, it’s more than enough for one person. As a matter of fact, one slice was enough for my wife and I.

This is why I think the pricing is justified.


I think the biggest factor that justifies everything or else (or fails to do so) is the quality or the taste of a particular item. Cafe de Hunza’s walnut cake is a winner because of that sweet and divine combination of walnuts and honey. The filling is what matters the most in this case. However, I’d say that unless they intentionally keep the cake dry and crunchy on the outside (not an expert at all), perhaps there is some room for improvement.


In terms of presentation and overall look and texture etc., it’s perfectly fine. I would not say that there was something extraordinary about that, but then it wasn’t a 5-star Hotel either. The environment of that cafe is one of the reasons why so many tourists love to go there. The environment is clean, their kitchen is clean and definitely, the food that you enjoy is 100% hygienic and organic.

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