Best Pizza In Karachi

Best Pizza in Karachi

All You Need To Know About the Best Pizza in Karachi

Pakistan has become the home to pizza, with local cafes to small restaurants popping up from the city to city claiming to be the best in the business. I have been a fan of pizza since I was little and saw ninja turtles and their love for pizza(Yes I am that old).

In this article, I will try to cover different eateries I have tried over the years from Pizza Hut to Kings and Queens pizza. Mind you I have not found them bad, yes over time some have destroyed themselves with bad service, flavor or we have just gotten tired of eating them due to the vast options that are now available.

Pizza Hut
Pizza Hut Pizza

Yes guys this has been around for a long time. It took Pakistan by storm back in the nineties when there were no competitions Pizza Hut came out of nowhere and took the Pakistani market by storm. It was expensive but we saw long lines outside the first Pizza Hut in Karachi. And quickly franchise started taking over the city.

While there were homegrown restaurants that offered this, like pizza 2000 they were just no match for this giant and its taste.

Over the years their services have gone from bad to worse. I have found if you want the best Pizzahut you should hit malls in Karachi. For some reason they taste more fresh and hot also, delivery is the worst honestly and last time I went to Pizza Hut for dine-in they didn’t even have enough plates to serve us.

It seems the franchisees are looking at costing cutting and the parent company doesn’t really care for a sinking ship. Again if you still like Pizza hut I would recommend going to any malls food court they are still better than the dine-in restaurants.

California Pizza

California Pizza

So this one entered recently. I mean California Pizza have been around for some time now and they offer the best alternative for what Pizza Hut used to be. Lately, they have started franchising so we have seen more and more outlets open up in the city.

This is basically my goto pizza place when I want to order deep-dish pizzas or pan pizzas, they offer creamy pizzas to desi touch pizzas however since they know they don’t really have competition now they are also the most expensive in my opinion. I simply love their ranch pan pizza its one of the best pizza I have had.

Salads are also decent and they offer kids deals also with a toy, so your kids will not cry for happy meals while you enjoy dine-in or delivery from this place.

Pizza Point:

Pizza Point Pizza

I used to be a regular at Pizza Point and just had one bad experience, which opted for me to avoid them. Recently during COVID had tried it in take away and that tasted very fresh and piping hot. Their pizza in my opinion is second only to California Pizza.

If you want to be lite on the pocket this is a cheaper option without compromising much on taste. They have multiple outlets also so you should be able to get fresh and hot pizzas even delivered to your doorsteps.

Broadway Pizza
Broadway Pizza

Broadway oh broadway what can I say, this place I have tried 2 times and just didn’t like it. The hype was a deep dish or pan pizza that was around 20 inches. I personally didn’t like the flavor at all. The cheese wasn’t up to par and the chicken on the pizzas was just tasteless.

This is one pizza place that I would stay away from. To be honest, mostly I have only read bad reviews about this place. Its a delivery-only pizza joint, so no seating option.

Dominos Pizza

Dominos Pizza is another international chain that specializes in regular or close to original Italian crust pizza. They do offer Pan pizza and thin-crust also as an option. They are not bad, a bit overpriced but decent never the list. I have ordered a delivery a couple of times only when I wanted to try something different.

Their deep dish is a bit different than other places, the regular is more like Italian dough. This crust is like a crispy crust ( I don’t personally enjoy this) which some people just love. I love their chicken kickers so that opts me to order a pizza also at times with the kickers.

One unique thing they offer is that they use their regular dough to make cheesy breads, cinnamon bread which is quite tasty on their own so if you crave sweets after food this may be a good option.

14th Street Pizza

14th Street Pizza

I loved how 14 street pizza started out. It was and is delivery only still and rekindled my love for regular crust or what we call thin crust here in Pakistan. They were the first to introduce a 20-inch pizza and I simply loved their cheese to toppings.

They also have some amazing sides so this is not a bad choice if you want to eat at home. The only downside is that it’s a bit on the expensive side and offer delivery only. They have expanded and you should be able to order it throughout Karachi now.


Optp Pizza

Recently I have found new love and respect for Optp. They are hit or miss. They test my nerves. The worst part is they don’t offer to seat. I am still a regular customer and once I order I pray to god that the rider and the store are in its right mind.

Either you will get a great pizza (which they recently started) or you will get a cold de-shaped one depending on your luck. Sometimes even stale food is an issue. I had their pizza last week and fell in love 4 days later I ordered another one and got was just sad.

The picture you will find and you can decide for yourself. My recommendation is if you really want a good regular crust pizza this is the place to go but pick it up yourself so you can make sure the pizza is up to the mark.

Hoagies Pizza

Hoagies is not a pizza restaurant. They started serving hoagies and later added tacos, rice bowls, and pizza’s. They are the ones that introduced the flatbreads to me. That was the closest thing I found in Karachi to the Italian dough or crust.

The steak flatbread is simply amazing and something that I ordered a lot till they shutdown their outlet on shaheed -e- millat road. I miss this in this area and the only reason I don’t order from them is because of the location. This is a must-try if you are in the Defense area or DHA.

So Gusto
So Gusto Pizza

So Gusto is more of a burger joint. But they do offer flatbread pizzas. I had tried their pizza and it was quite decent. Price was okay and if you are near Muskan Chowrangi and don’t want to go the deep dish route then this is the best flatbread pizza you can have there. It’s not great but it’s not bad either and worth a visit.

There are other places that I would have covered here, that I don’t regularly visit. Like kings and queens pizza they are nice, not bad very cheap, and best on a low budget. Or Pizza One which is also not bad but there are better options so I don’t go there any longer. Is there something we have missed if so please share their info in the comments and we will see if we can go there and cover a full review.

So in conclusion to which is the best pizza in Karachi, I would say Hoagies have the best flatbread and California is the best in a deep dish or pan pizza. I have yet to find that authentic Italian pizza so will have to wait for that.


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