Arabic Shawarma

Arabic Shawarma

After reading about this shawarma on the SWOT guide I decided to give it a try on delivery. Ended up ordering 2 chicken cheese shawarma, a pizza fires, and half platter chicken shawarma. The total order cost me 1250 and was informed that it will be delivered within 30 to 60 mins.

The delivery took over 1 hour 30 mins and most of it was very cold by the time it reached us. One thing I would point out here is anything but authentic Arabic shawarma. I have given a go of these in Saudia Arabia and it’s nowhere near as saucy as what we got. Now onto the taste.

Chicken Cheese Shawarma:

The taste was good. Saucy and right app to the pallet. Quality ingredients were used and hence it tasted good we ordered 2 of these and as from the picture you can see it was delivered with excellent packing.

Chicken Half Platter:

Loved this but I think it was quite big and could have fed about 1.5 people. This came with 2 pitas and a side of 2 white sauces. One of the sauce tasted like hummus and the other was slightly sweet and did have a bit of spicy kick to it. It tasted different from the regular garlic sauces that we usually find in local shawarma carts/shops.

Pizza Fries:

I kept this for last, the only problem here was that due to the delay in delivery these became very cold and a bit bland. I do believe if they were delivered faster it would have been an excellent dish.

It had a good amount of cheese, and fries and just the right amount of jalapenos and black olives. However, the coldness just ruined this taste.


In conclusion, I think this was not authentic shawarma but was definitely tasty with fresh ingredients. The delivery was late as even 1 hour is a lot since it should have been a Jauhar to Jauhar delivery in Karachi.

When looking at the quality and quantity of the chicken, pita, and sauce provided, it is definitely worth a go but the recommendation is to be at the shop to eat this hot rather than wait for over 1 hour to get it delivered.

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