Angus Thick Burger – A Review of Hardee’s Flagship Burger

Hardees Burger

Quite frankly, to me, burger-eating business is either going to a local kiosk and ordering an “anday wala/anda chicken burger” or driving right smack dab to some international burger chain or a Pakistani equivalent (such as Howdy).

It was back in 2013 when I discovered Hardee’s (well not like Columbus discovered the Americas, but my taste buds discovered a Hardee’s for the first time). And I definitely fell in love with Hardee’s. As compared with Fat Burger’s overly juicy patties (I mean who loves the mustard and all kind of sauces dripping out of the burger wrap papers and right into their lap?), Hardee’s beef patties are just as juicier as you want them.

This is a review of Hardee’s flagship burger – Angus Thick Burger.

Angus Thick Burger – For Men Who Aren’t 6’+ and Still Need More than a Single Patty Burger

So that’s me … I’m roughly 5’6″. And to be honest a single patty beef/chicken burger was never enough for my lunch or dinner. After all, I’m a man and after a long day’s hard work, you expect more than a single patty beef burger.

This is where Hardee’s Angus Thick Burger comes into the play. I mean even from a business viewpoint, this is a successful attempt to stand out of a crowd of single patty and double patty beef burger vendors.
With Angus, they also attract those desis who do not afford double patty, but whose hunger wants more than a single patty.

Angus Thick Burger

Taste and Aroma:

Hardee’s a full package. In terms of indoor ambiance, taste, aroma, presentation, and everything between them, Hardee’s sees to it that you leave Hardee’s with a big happy grin (and ketchup) on your face.

In terms of taste, I don’t think that any other chargrilled burger can beat Hardee’s burgers – most definitely Angus. Even Howdy’s Son of a Bun is a far cry.

Likewise, the aroma of the chargrilled patties tells you how they were grilled. You have an overall different experience as and when compared with other international/national burger chains.


As I said in the reviews of the Son of a Bun, it’s a burger so definitely it’s a one-t0-one affair, but because of the extra-thick patty, you don’t feel like eating a single patty burger – hence no need to eat anything else for your lunch or dinner.


The Classic Angus Thick burger that I’ve been eating frequently, costs PKR 890 these days. It is more or less the same as the rate of the Son of a Bun.

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