Almaida Pizza Garden Shahi Pizza’s Review

There’s this thing about Pakistanis; we know how to indigenize the fateful Chinese and Western cuisines that we become familiar with.

And Lahoris have aced the art of blending local taste with a foreign recipe. Let’s not forget the time when Anda Shami Burger was only available in Shadman, Lahore.

This is what we did to pizza, but then eating a tasteless loaf of bread with cheese and tomato topping is not a very Pakistani or Lahori thing. I mean do tell me if cheese, tomatoes, tomato ketchup, basil, and olive oil translate to taste when it comes to a Pakistani’s dictionary?

So, yeah Almaida’s Shahi Pizza is more desi and in case you want to try the most Italian iteration of a Pakistani pizza, you should know that it’s not Almaida.

We’ve been trying different items from Almaida; for example, their Mexican chicken sandwich is really tasty and more than enough for one person’s lunch or dinner.

We’ve tried different pizzas too; since Almaida is famous for its pizzas, I decided to review their Shahi pizza.

Almaida Pizza in Lahore

Almaida Pizza

So, Almaida is still pretty new to the pizza business, but they already have at least one branch in many big cities of Punjab: Multan, Sahiwal, Lahore, etc.

We live in Lahore and their pizza shop is so close to where I live.

We’ve been frequenting this place and most of the time we tried this or that pizza.

All of their pizzas have a relatively thin and very fresh crest. This is a  review of their large-sized Shahi pizza.


In terms of quantity, that pizza was more than enough for two people. I cannot recall the exact size, but that was more than 12″. My wife and I couldn’t have it all even though we loved that.

We had to get that packed and take that with us to home. So, I can say without fear of rejection, that their large size pizza is enough for 3 people.

I’ve been trying many different pizza joints in Lahore – including bakeries that offer oven-fresh pizza (Cakes & Bakes and Butt Sweets for example), and I think that only rarely a large size pizza was as big as Almaida’s large pizza.


Before I talk about the taste, aroma, and everything between them, it is important to talk about the texture and presentation of pizza. In terms of presentation and appearance, you can spot Almaida’s pizza in any photo or video.

As a matter of fact, I did so while frequenting a foodies’ group and I did so because of the white sauce swirls that you’d see on almost every Almaida pizza.

You’d definitely notice that in the case of Shahi Pizza, because it is Almaida’s specialty.


Other than the presentation, by quality, I mean taste and aroma. As I have mentioned, most of their pizzas have slightly thin crests. And the crest of Shahi Pizza as well as any other pizza that I ever tried was very fresh and soft.

In terms of taste and overall “topping x crest real estate” too that pizza was highly satisfactory. Unlike some other pizza joints, Almaida guys top your pizza with optimum chicken, cheese, and other ingredients.

It was just as tasty as a good Pakistani pizza gets.


We’ve tried Shahi Pizza when there was no deal and recently when we tried that, there was a deal and I can assure that the taste was the same on both occasions. Since Shahi Pizza is so rich in terms of taste and topping and since it is their specialty, the regular one costs PKR 660, while the large, that we tried, costs 870.

I think that when you compare this price to some international pizza joints in Pakistan as well as some local one with big following, you’d say that the price is very justified. It is a very affordable pizza.

I recommend Almaida’s pizza to those who want to try a fusion of continental recipe and Pakistani taste.

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