came with the vision of allowing people to review restaurants. It was a hobby of dining and eating out that made us build Foodiclub. In time we realized that we are not the only ones with the passion for food, so we decided to build a whole website where food bloggers, video food bloggers and just people who love to go out and have a good time with friends and family could come and share their experiences.

Finding new restaurants or ordering from new home-based chefs had become challenging, we figured that with the establishment of this website we will get users on board who love to write and review new places and new cuisines. This will in turn make it easier for people to search and see what’s out there.

We welcome all people to join us, send us your review, recipe, or opinion, we will publish it for the world to see. If you are a video logger we would love to write and embed your review within the website. For the home-based chefs or people who like to share their recipes, we welcome the same.

The Team So Far:



A businessman by profession, a foodie at heart who loves to eat    and eat I shall.



A fitness enthusiast but a big fan of ice creams and chocolates.




A marketing specialist who wants to explore new foods in a creative manner.