3 Best Salads From All Over The World

3 best salads all over the world

Do you love salads?

I love salads, and I must say that there is not a single noticeable variety of salads that I haven’t tried.

At Foodiclub we strive hard to present a diverse range of culinary delights to our customers and Pakistani dishes are not the only cuisines on our menu.

Try these 3 of the Best Salads From All Over The World

We introduce unique and vastly unknown cuisines.

Bok Choy, Spicy Thai, and Vietnamese Salads

So, this post is all about these three most famous salads: bok choy, spicy Thai, and Vietnamese salads.

And to Pakistani masses – good lads and ladies of this big metro: Karachi – who are not aware of many foreign salads except an overly localized Russian salad, this is SOME good news.

Bok Choy Salad
Bok Choy Salad

So, bok choy is basically a Chinese cabbage that is now grown in other parts of the world as well, but in case you want to know where Bok Choy salad is from, it is from China.

So, there are many different ways of making this salad. Some people do not toss bok choy (cabbage) into other salads and they add other ingredients to turn this cabbage into a salad, while others leave the cabbage in its raw shape and add to other salads that mainly rely on leafy greens or cooked grains.

Saladacious does it better because we have sort of indigenized the taste. What we serve to you is a fusion of bok choy salad with local flavors.

Spicy Thai
Spicy Thai Salad

On the off chance that you salad aficionados totally reject bok choy and Vietnamese salads, I can still say this with 100% surety that you would LOVE spicy Thai salad because your spice-friendly tastebuds would approve it.

If you love the infusion of sweetness, spices, greens, and basil, you’d love this salad. It is one of the most flavorful and presentable salad with a fusion of different colors and textures on it.

You can always improvise and change the ingredients as per your personal liking. However, an average spicy salad from Thailand usually includes ingredients like avocado, lime juice, cilantro, basil, dates, ginger, cucumber, red bell pepper, pinch cayenne pepper, and many others.

Vietnamese Salad
Vietnamese Salad

The last salad on our list. So, this salad comes in a few different iterations.

However, you can mainly divide all those iterations into with chicken or without chicken categories.

Since most of the people love to eat it with chicken, let us talk about that recipe. In case you love the idea of a semi-spicy salad with chicken (or fish or beef), with lots of greens, this one is for you.

The ingredients mainly include sugar, chicken/beef/fish or skip them if you want it without any meat, lime juice, vinegar, serrano chile minced, garlic, shallots, shredded cabbage, mint and olive oil, etc.

However, we knew that not only a few of these ingredients cannot be found in the local market, but they might be just too rich for your taste, so Saladacious sort of improvised with local ingredients so as to match this salad with your taste.

Saladacious is a homemade food brand that offers pickup in Karachi. In case you want to try any of these tasty salads today, just let them know and pick up the salad at your convenience.

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